Conflict prevention and cohesion, peace and economic opportunities for youths in the communities through sports. Sam Background in football and community environment in sport, allowed them to do this successfully and the brand has gone from strength to strength. The overall goal of Mngaroo Mtaani engagement in Kenya is to contribute to the reduction of poverty, improve human security and stability.


Established in 2013, Mng’aro Mtaani is a community-based organization whose overarching goal is to promote holistic human development and social justice through clothing, sports, entrepreneurship, and creative art. Therefore, in partnership with community and religious leaders, as well as local self-help groups and administration, we organize seasonal soccer tournaments every school holiday under the banner Mng’aro Mtaani Sune Cup. The tournament initiative is aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of crime and drug abuse among the youth, while also promoting cohesion and discovering talents in the target communities. Most of our teams come from humble backgrounds in the informal settlements of Lucky Summer, Korogocho, and Baba Dogo wards.

We also work collaboratively with local boda boda riders to convey messages of drug and substance abuse and child protection success stories. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most of our soccer tournament families and boda boda riders have lost their livelihoods, and are currently economically and socially vulnerable. We are, therefore, concerned that the current situation may exacerbate criminal activities and social misdemeanor by members of our tournament families and boda bod riders. It is against this backdrop that we are appealing to your organization to support our course by, among other things, assisting us with food donations to support 100 of our vulnerable riders and 100 families of the children and teenagers to participate in our tournaments. Your support will surely go a long way in helping us to sustain our vulnerable members during this difficult time. We, therefore, look forward to partnering and working with you and your organization in a wide range of activities in the future. For more information or clarifications, kindly feel free to reach us through the contacts provided herein.


Our story begins in the slums of KOROGOCHO. 
Our mission is to promote human development and social justice through clothing, sports and power of creative art.